I will have updates from time to time so you all know what is happening with our new “Safe Shooting Area” for “Safe, Family, Recreational Shooting.”

Update, 5-1-18

Long Term-Currently we have a green light from the Jerome County Commissioners to complete the BLM Application for a land Patent.  This will take a while because there is a lot to it.  This must come first so the BLM can establish a file for this project.  Several studies must be done including “minerals”, “cultural resources”, and other things necessary before they can turn over any land to Jerome County.  They can then determine how much of the process they will be able to do, and how much of the work will need to be done by outside contractors, so we can determine how much it will cost to secure this land.  A second way of getting this land is by an Act of Congress.  That’s right.  If a bill were written to turn over a parcel of BLM land to Jerome County, passed by both houses of Congress, and signed by the President then it’s a done deal.  Since we have nothing to lose we will pursue this approach, too.
Short Term-Currently the Jerome County Commissioners are drafting an Ordinance to curtail shooting in the Park.  They have obtained permission from the State of Idaho to include those lands in the closure, too.  Commissioner Howell favors closing off the entire Park, while Commissioner Morley reluctantly would only include State (IDL) lands.  Commissioner Roemer said she would like more information before deciding.  So, for now, they are looking at options before making the Ordinance final.  I have presented another idea for their consideration, and that is to designate a small, defined place in the Park that would not be included in the shooting prohibition.  It would provide shooters with a little safer, temporary place to go until the new, safe range becomes a reality, and it would greatly increase safety in the rest of the Park for all other users.  I believe this would be a win/win for them.  I think it is an idea that would be accepted by both shooters and non-shooters alike.
May 19th, 2018 is the Park Cleanup Day.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend and help.  We need a lot of shooters to help this year.  It is the first time we have been organized and can make a real showing.  Always before it has been the two Off-Road clubs that have done the cleanup.  Please help.  It is very important that a lot of shooters show up for this event.  For more information sign up for the newsletter I send out.  I will provide details there.  By joining our Organization, you will get periodic email newsletters keeping you up to date on the progress we are making.  So, please send me your contact information.  Please join the North Canyon Shooters Association.