The Problem:

The problem is SAFETY. We recently had a close call when a man was struck with a ricochet near Devil's Corral. Since this incident could have been much worse, it has been the spark that started the call to eliminate shooting in the Park. The Jerome County Commissioners are now under a lot of pressure to "do something". They are in a tough spot. They want shooters to continue enjoying their sport, but also know how bad it will be if someone else gets hurt or killed and they did nothing. We must be organized to help guide their decision. We cannot just stay in the shadows and fail to help solve the problem.

The Solution:

An idea that has been talked about for a long time was to move all shooting activities to the north side of the freeway onto BLM land. The problem was that it would only transfer the safety and trash problems since the BLM land could not be developed into a real shooting range. Somewhere along the way, several meetings ago, it was brought to our attention that Jerome County could apply for a Patent on BLM land, and it didn't have to be inside the Park. A Patent is essentially a Government deed, like a mining claim, that legally transfers ownership from the BLM to Jerome County. Something called the Recreational & Public Purposes Act allows this to be done. Once the County owns the land it could be developed into a proper shooting range. If obtained for a shooting range it must remain a shooting range in perpetuity. If Jerome County ever decided to change it to another use, say a shopping mall, the land would revert to the BLM. This is now the exact long-term solution we are working on. But, we also need to improve safety in the short-term. This is being done with a new ordinance that moves all shooting to the east end of the Park and restricting shooting in the west end of the Park. The dividing line is primarily the 700 E Road (see map). It will be a little safer for the shooters, and a lot safer for other users in the Park. Doing this will be a win/win for the Commissioners.

I Need Your Help:
I cannot, and should not do this alone. There are many fine people that utilize this land for their shooting enjoyment. I just need to know who you are, and that you will help me make our recreation safer. I am financing this website ($99/month) right out of the family budget, so I would also appreciate a few donations to keep this website alive. I am not set up for credit cards, but my address is below. Please give me your contact information. Please send me a little money so this website will live. Please get involved so we don't lose this land. Please share your ideas with me. We have always had it. We all love it. Most communities are jealous of us, and wish they had a piece of ground this close for shooting activities. Let's don't lose it because of apathy. Please join me. Please help me. Thank you.