A Note to Our Members on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are thinking of our community and the effects of COVID-19. We hope to aid the community as much as possible to help the public band together to get through this time.

Preserve Recreational Shooting Area on the North side of the Canyon

Join the North Canyon Shooters Association today

Are you an avid shooter in Twin Falls or Jerome Counties? Chances are that you shoot recreationally on the north side of the canyon in Snake River Canyons Park. This wide-open and desert-like recreational area is a place that both shooters and ATV enthusiasts enjoy. Now that so many people use the land for shooting and off-roading, it's become unsafe.

The North Canyon Shooters Association is an organization that stands up for shooters' rights to use the land. We are working on a long-term and short-term solution to the shooting safety issue.

Let's create a safe, recreational, shooting range

Since so many people now use the park, it's no longer a safe place to shoot but, we can change that. Please join our effort to create both a long term-term and short-term solution to the shooting safety issue.

  • Long Term: Obtain BLM land on the north side of the freeway and construct a Regional Shooting Range
  • Short Term: Move all the shooting currently in the Snakes River Canyons Park to the East end of the Park. It will provide shooters a place to go that is a little safer for them, plus a great deal safer for other Park users. It will be a temporary location (2-3 years) until the new, safe, Regional shooting range becomes a reality. The Jerome County Commissioners have created an ordinance to do exactly this. It will take effect May 1, 2019. Thank you Commissioners for not closing the entire park.

The long-term solution of a new, safe, Regional shooting range will ensure that all shooters will have a place for safe and responsible shooting for generations to come. The short-term solution will provide both a little safer place for recreational, family shooting, yet greatly reduce the possibility of a shooting related injury or worse to all other users of the Park. Call 208-735-0123 today to join The North Canyon Shooters Association. The larger our numbers, the stronger our voice will be.

Don't risk losing your favorite shooting place

This organization is a way for Twin Falls and Jerome County shooters to collectively voice their opinion to the Jerome County Commissioners. The commissioners are reaching out to the public so they can find a resolution for this land. They are working hard to improve safety, and reduce trash, but they need to hear from all of us shooters. Don't delay-contact us now to join this important cause.


If you live in Twin Falls or Jerome Counties, and like to go shooting on the "North side of the canyon" across the Perrine Bridge and off to the East you need to join the North Canyon Shooters Association to help preserve Safe, Family, Recreational Shooting.