I will have updates from time to time so you all know what is happening with our new “Safe Shooting Area” for “Safe, Family, Recreational Shooting.”

Update, 12-18-17

Let me tell you about what’s currently happening to the Park.  A new board has been formed which meets once a month.  I’ve been told they have had 4 or 5 meetings, and the current focus is on creating a safe shooting area.  This must happen before any other development can transpire.  I attended their December 7th, 2017 meeting and learned several things.  About 1/3 of the park is under consideration for a safe shooting area.  It’s location and layout are in the initial stages, so nothing is poured in concrete yet.  When an area can be defined, and all interested parties agree, the Jerome County Commissioners with file for a Patent (like a mining claim) on that land which will ultimately transfer ownership from the BLM to them at zero cost, but the land must remain dedicated to the initial reason for the transfer (a shooting range).  This is very good.  I met most of the Board members at that meeting, and they all seem to be good folks working together toward this goal. Commissioner Roger Morley is the driving force making this happen, so I encourage him to keep up the excellent work.  Apparently, the Jerome County budget will allow for some money to be spent on the Park.  This is also very good.  Up to now they just couldn’t do it.  I informed them I am starting this Organization, so they can get more input from all of you, and they welcomed the news.  So, let’s get going.  Sign up today.