Problem and Solution

The Problem:

The problem is SAFETY. It is only a matter of time before someone is accidentally wounded or worse which will bring a decision on land use very quickly, and it will not go in our favor. The odds of this happening can be extremely reduced, but we must be organized to get it done and done correctly.

The Solution:

An idea that keeps rearing its ugly head is to move the shooters off of this ground and let them go to the BLM land located north of Interstate Highway 84. There is a graveled county road that passes out of the Park and under the freeway which takes you to this BLM land. The trouble with doing this is that SAFETY is still not addressed. The problem is only transplanted. The BLM will not allow any development on its land including anything to do with shooting. This is not true of the “Park” land where we are all currently shooting. Development can occur here because the Jerome County Commissioners are in charge of it.

What I Want To Do:
To the best of my knowledge I am the only person trying to work with the Jerome County Commissioners to solve the safety problem in the Park. I need your help.

I would like to carve out a piece of ground in the Park that would be dedicated to Safe, Family, Recreational Shooting (I always use these four words when I talk about this issue). I want to put a fence around it, and build an all-weather gravel road to it and through it. It would be added to the road list of Jerome County so they would plow snow in the winter. We need access to it all year long. All shooting would be pointed to the North so we don’t have any parties shooting toward each other. There should be a safety zone down range because projectiles can travel a long way. Existing rock out crops and dirt mounds would be utilized for back stops to begin with. Its size would be big enough to satisfy current use plus estimated growth for 25 more years. This is the minimum. It would not cost much money to get this done, and it would be done with donations which would make the Jerome County Commissioners very happy. Ultimately, dirt could be moved to create berms for stopping the projectiles offering greater safety. Other future improvements could include permanent falling steel plate targets, and specialty facilities for law enforcement and private training use.

And a large side benefit would be containment of the shooting “mess” left by some of our less caring brethren. We will need to keep up with this mess, but education will help to reduce it. If you join us expect to be asked to do some occasional clean-up.

The “Safe Shooting Area” would not need to be the size of the entire Park, but we do not want to be crammed onto a postage stamp either. I believe there is a reasonable size and location for this facility. The gentlemen representing the ATV groups are great guys and are willing to work with us to determine the size and location. The remainder of the Park would be fair game for them and all other users. We would only shoot in the “safe area”, but nowhere else in the Park.

I Need Your Help:
I cannot, and should not do this alone. There are many fine people that utilize this land for their shooting enjoyment. I just need to know who you are, and that you will help me make our recreation safer. I am financing this website ($99/month) right out of the family budget, so I would also appreciate a few donations until we get this thing off the ground. I am not set up for credit cards, but my address is below. Please give me your contact information. Please send me a little money so this website will live. Please get involved so we don’t lose this land. Please share your ideas with me. We have always had it. We all love it. Most communities are jealous of us, and wish they had a piece of ground this close for shooting activities. Let’s don’t lose it because of apathy. Please join me. Please help me. Thank you.